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Water Treatment Plant : New Imperia Port (Italy)

  /    /  Water Treatment Plant : New Imperia Port (Italy)

Water Treatment Plant:

The new Imperia Port has been divided in six diffferent areas for six different shipyards. Therefore the project was studied with one different Water Treatment Plant for each shipyard. In the middle of the area there is a common yard for the travel lift operation and the grids system has been studied to avoid the mixing of the waters between all the different areas.

How it works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

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Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and you will get , completely free, all the needed information on how to make your green careenage area. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the grids, the wastewaters collecting tanks, the piping and the water treatment plant, while in the description we will give you the information regarding the needed flows and all the technical specifications.

Cliente: Imperia Port

Data: 18 Dicembre 2015

Location: Via Marina Napoli 80100