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Careenage Station: All in One Solution

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Careenage Station :

Careenage Station is made of a platform which can be accessed with boats towed by trucks or even with travel lift depending on the size of the platform. The footboard is made with an inclined plane to enable the sending of all the wastewaters in a collecting tank by means of the grids. Also this collecting tank is equipped with its inclined plane to facilitate the collection of water in a single point where there is a septum of metal mesh that blocks the coarse solids. The water to be treated are finally collected in a small tank equipped with submerged pump for sending the wastewater to the treatment system. The treatment plant  is made of a HPWT001 high pressure washer that after treating the wastewaters  reuse the same waters for subsequent washing. A completely independent system that allows to perform the hull’s washing processes respecting the requirements of the current regulations even when it is not possible to realize all works (flooring, grids and wells) which was necessary. At the moment we have proposed the implementation of a single model with size 15x5m for boats with a maximum length of 14 meters but we are ready to make the engineering following the specifications required by the customers.

How the wastewater treatment plant works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

Need a Project with Pricing? It’s Free!

Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and you will get , completely free, all the needed information on how to make your green careenage area. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the grids, the wastewaters collecting tanks, the piping and the water treatment plant, while in the description we will give you the information regarding the needed flows and all the technical specifications.